Keep holiday blues at bay with the right insurance plan

WELL-PROTECTED: Mrs Ishii's three-year-old daughter, Miyuki, had a fever during their Bangkok trip. She was reimbursed for the money spent at a hospital in Bangkok and at a clinic here by HL Assurance within two weeks of making a claim.


    Oct 15, 2014

    Keep holiday blues at bay with the right insurance plan

    A RECENT family holiday in Bangkok did not turn out quite as expected for account manager Ariel Ishii.

    On the second day of the five-day trip to the Thai capital in June, Mrs Ishii's three-year-old daughter, Miyuki, developed a fever.

    Despite being given medication bought from a local pharmacy, the girl's temperature continued to climb the following day.

    So Mrs Ishii and her husband, an engineer, took the child to the accident and emergency department of a hospital near their hotel.

    "By the time we got there, her fever was extremely high, around 40 deg C," the 33-year-old mother recalled.

    "She received treatment there, but didn't recover completely, so the rest of the trip was spent in the hotel."

    Upon returning to Singapore, Mrs Ishii, who works in the maritime telecommunications industry, took Miyuki to the family doctor and, eventually, her fever subsided.

    Although the incident was minor and Miyuki's medical expenses were not very high - treatment in Bangkok and the visit to the family doctor cost less than $200 - Mrs Ishii said she felt well-protected as she had bought travel insurance from HL Assurance prior to the trip.

    She was reimbursed for the money spent at both the hospital in Bangkok and at the clinic here within two weeks of submitting a claims form to the firm.

    Mrs Ishii said: "I always buy travel insurance before travelling as I'm well aware of risks such as flight delays and loss of baggage.

    "In this case, I didn't even think about claiming until about two weeks after returning.

    "The whole process was easier and more efficient than I expected.

    "It took just five to 10 minutes to fill out the claims form, and I just needed to submit the original receipts.

    "Around two weeks later, I received a cheque for the amount spent, no questions asked."

    Mrs Ishii spent less than $40 on insurance for her daughter and herself, while her husband has an annual travel insurance policy.

    Besides the affordable premium and ease of making the claim, she was impressed by the extent of coverage offered by HL Assurance.

    The company is a member of the Hong Leong Group, and aims to provide hassle-free and reasonably priced policies by cutting out the middleman.

    "At the time of purchase, there was some political unrest and rioting in Bangkok, and it seemed like quite a few insurance companies considered that risk excluded from their coverage," Mrs Ishii noted.

    "But there was no mention of HL doing so on its website, so I decided to give it a try."

    Overall, her positive experience with HL Assurance has led her to consider checking out the other types of insurance on offer.

    "I think it has done quite well in all aspects. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family," she said.