Dec 17, 2014

    Keep clean with silver solution

    WANT to keep your hands clean, or keep body and foot odour at bay? AGnix's range of sanitisers could help.

    The sanitisers contain silver ion particles in distilled water, and can help to kill germs on your hands.

    This is possible as silver ions can break the surface of microbes, as well as disrupt their reproduction and internal processes.

    AGnix's products are commonly used for cleaning utensils, and as a bacterial, viral and fungal disinfectant.

    They can also be used to help reduce body or foot odour.

    The products are non-flammable, odourless, and do not contain pesticides or alcohol.

    They have also been tested to be non-toxic and for their disinfecting effectiveness by TUV SUD PSB, a service provider for product testing, inspection and certification services in Singapore and internationally.

    For personal use, AGnix's products come in bottles ranging from 15ml to 100ml.

    For use as an anti-bacterial cleaning product for homes, child-care centres, clinics and hospitals, AGnix's products are also available in one-litre and five-litre bottles.

    There will be an open house to launch AGnix's products from Dec 18 to 21 at Teleshopping Singapore's premises.

    The open house, for tomorrow and on Friday, is from 9am to 6pm. On Saturday and Sunday, it is from 11am to 5pm.

    Finger food and other snacks will be served at the open house on Saturday.

    Customers stand a chance to win lucky-draw prizes and free gifts when they purchase AGnix products during the open house.

    Teleshopping Singapore is located at 24 Sin Ming Lane, #06-93, Midview City. For more information, visit www.teleshopping.sg