Japanese fare for the family

FULL MEAL: The Hoshigaoka Zen is the restaurant's signature dish, which includes gindara teriyaki and beef misoyaki.


    Jun 26, 2014

    Japanese fare for the family

    IF ASIAN cuisine is more up your alley, JP Pepperdine has an answer for you at The Grandstand in Bukit Timah - Restaurant Hoshigaoka.

    The eatery offers a casual Japanese dining experience, with set lunch menus and different meal choices every day.

    Set meals may include sides of fruit and miso soup, depending on the dish.

    Also available is a menu of chef specials this month, which include starters with main courses. Chef specials are priced at between $19.80 and $24.80, before GST and service charge.

    Restaurant Hoshigaoka's signature dish is the Hoshigaoka Zen, which consists of an appetiser, sashimi, amaebi salad, tempura, gindara teriyaki, beef misoyaki, rice, miso soup, chawanmushi and matcha ice cream, all for $33.60.

    Restaurant Hoshigaoka has decades of history behind it. It first opened here at the Apollo Hotel in 1972 as Hoshigaoka Saryo. It was later renamed Restaurant Hoshigaoka in 1986. In 2010, JP Pepperdine took over the management of the restaurant.

    With four branches here, Restaurant Hoshigaoka aims to provide authentic Japanese cuisine for the family with its wide choice of dishes.

    For the little ones, it has baby seats and utensils just for kids. The friendly atmosphere of the restaurant provides the perfect venue for hosting your kid's birthday party.

    The restaurant is open from 11am to 10.30pm. For enquiries, call 6466-3716 or visit www.hoshigaoka.com.sg