Industry-skills edge for 	TMC students

CLOSE HELP: Ms Lim said that teachers will try to understand students at a personal level.


    Jul 30, 2014

    Industry-skills edge for TMC students

    IF YOU are looking to further your education but are second-guessing yourself, hesitate no longer with TMC Academy.

    A private institution that provides diploma and degree courses in subjects such as business and mass communication, TMC Academy adopts a student-centric approach that caters to students with different levels of ability, whether they are fresh from post-secondary institutions, or simply want to revamp their skills after a long hiatus from studies.

    Lim Tjie Siew, associate lecturer at TMC Academy's School of Hospitality and Tourism, noted: "Some of our students have not taken academic courses for such a long time that they might not have confidence in themselves, and some of our younger students have faced challenges in the education system."

    TMC Academy provides students with the attention they need to develop their skills and knowledge at a rate that is comfortable for them.

    Ms Lim, a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who also holds a Master of Science in tourism management from New York University, added that teachers make the effort to understand students at a personal level in order to "figure out what would interest them in class".

    In addition to strong support for students, TMC Academy's highly experienced staff are also equipped with the technical knowledge and commercial expertise needed to prepare students for their future careers.

    Those worried about the financial commitment involved can rest easy. Most of TMC Academy's courses attract Singapore Workforce Development Agency grants. Members of nEBO, Safra, Mendaki and Sinda may also benefit from a number of bursaries and scholarships.

    Since students invest such a hefty portion of their time and funds in their education, TMC Academy aims to help students gain returns from their investment quickly.

    "Simply passing your classes and your degree will not lead you far," said Ms Lim.

    "So my aim is to make my students academically successful and also equip them with industry-relevant skills that will help them get a job when they graduate."


    For more information, visit www.tmc.edu.sg or e-mail info@tmc.edu.sg