A holistic approach to weight loss

BEFORE: Ms Phillips weighed 145kg before undergoing Suddenly Slender’s five-week rapid weight-loss programme. PHOTOS: SUDDENLY SLENDER
A holistic approach to weight loss

AFTER: She now weighs 70kg, after losing 75kg in less than nine months.


    Dec 17, 2014

    A holistic approach to weight loss

    CAN'T seem to find the right way to get slimmer? Or perhaps you have stubborn body fat that just refuses to go away?

    Weight management centre Suddenly Slender has programmes which apply a holistic and natural approach to weight loss, and more importantly, long-term weight control, together with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

    The weight-loss programmes are designed to provide you with the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in the right balance.

    Suddenly Slender claims that you can lose up to 3kg in your first week, and about 1 to 3kg per week subsequently.

    A professionally trained team of specialists from Suddenly Slender will support you with weekly consultations that provide advice and supervision, with the aim of ensuring maximum benefits and results from your programme.

    The weight-loss programme can also help develop healthy eating habits and support metabolism.

    Additionally, it will attempt to wean you off consuming excessive amounts of sugar, and reduce your food portion sizes without you feeling hungry.

    Take it from Ms Kim Phillips, who lost 75kg in less than nine months.

    "I haven't slipped back into my old habits ever since," she said.

    "I have become very determined to lose weight. Now, I'm just as determined to keep it off."

    For more information, call 8175-5533 or visit www.suddenlyslender.com.sg