Herbal solutions for hair problems

AMLA: This herb and the following three are among those used by Luxe Scalp Specialist in its treatments.
Herbal solutions for hair problems

Herbal solutions for hair problems

Herbal solutions for hair problems



    Nov 26, 2014

    Herbal solutions for hair problems

    A HEALTHY scalp produces a head of strong, resilient hair and makes one feel good.

    However, maintaining a healthy scalp takes effort and we constantly battle against factors such as ageing, humidity and genetics.

    Some of the most common hair problems are oily scalp and greying hair.

    Home-grown scalp-care centre Luxe Scalp Specialist is one place you can go to if you suffer from scalp problems.

    Luxe Scalp Specialist combines Eastern herbs and the Western science of trichology in its treatments.

    The treatment, which helps fight hair problems, involves a 30-minute steaming of the scalp.

    This helps unclog pores so that oil and dirt are removed, making it easier for post-treatment products to be absorbed. This results in a healthy-looking scalp.

    During the steaming process, the pores also absorb nutrients from the Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs used in the hair-mask treatment applied to the hair.

    An oily scalp could also cause hair loss due to a build-up of sweat, dirt and oil blocking the pores, preventing the hair from growing.

    A deep scalp-cleansing treatment is recommended for oily scalps. In this treatment, a special deep sea mask with natural minerals is used.

    Those with grey hair may dye their hair to cover it up, but this makes the hair drier due to chemicals in the dye and may cause hair loss in the long run.

    Try the he shou wu treatment, a method that uses a combination of he shou wu - a Chinese plant also known as fo-ti or Chinese knotweed - and other herbs to cover grey strands naturally.

    Luxe Scalp Specialist is a trichologist-validated scalp centre.

    It has two outlets, one in Chinatown Point and the other in Tampines 1.

    For more information, visit www.luxeherbal.com