Herbal help for hair and scalp

SCALP CARE: Do a short scalp massage regularly in order to stimulate blood circulation. Once a month, pamper yourself with a scalp treatment for a deep cleanse.
Herbal help for hair and scalp

SATISFIED CUSTOMER: Ms Loh went to Luxe Scalp Specialist as she was suffering from an irritable scalp. She had a cleaner scalp after her first treatment.


    Jan 28, 2015

    Herbal help for hair and scalp

    FIRST impressions last, and one of the first things people will notice is your hair.

    To keep your crowning glory looking great, Luxe Scalp Specialist has introduced a new herbal concoction for your hair and scalp.

    The Luxe Korean Ginseng Scalp Treatment is a 21/2-hour long session, which starts off with a dual wooden comb massage that aims to promote the scalp's blood circulation.

    It is followed by a ginger wine massage on the scalp to prepare it for the herbal concoction.

    A Luxe Korean ginseng herbal mask is then applied to the scalp. The mask is formulated and infused with more than 20 types of Asian herbs. These include Korean ginseng, danggui, bhringraj and amla.

    The herbal masks are freshly prepared to enhance the effectiveness of the herbs. They are also vacuum-packed so that they stay uncontaminated until they are delivered to the customer.

    After the application of the herbal mask on the scalp, a 30-minute micro-mist steaming is carried out to allow it to better absorb the nutrients from the herbs.

    Subsequently, the scalp goes through a thorough wash and a remedial scalp tonic is massaged into the scalp.

    The treatment ends with a therapeutic shoulder and neck reflexology session.

    One user of Luxe's new treatment is 29-year-old Levia Loh.

    "Frequent use of hair spray and tight hairstyles required by my job led to an irritable scalp," said Ms Loh.

    "I went to Luxe Scalp Specialist after being recommended by a friend. During the first visit, the consultant did a scalp analysis and, to my horror, my scalp condition was worse than I had thought. It was flaky and sensitive.

    "I did a customised trial herbal treatment, and had a cleaner scalp after my first treatment."

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