Herbal goodness for hair woes

AMLA: These herbs are among those used by Luxe Scalp Specialist in its treatments.
Herbal goodness for hair woes

Herbal goodness for hair woes

Herbal goodness for hair woes



    Dec 17, 2014

    Herbal goodness for hair woes

    AYURVEDIC herbs can help those plagued with hair problems such as oily scalp, dandruff and greying hair.

    One such herb is amla, which is high in vitamin C and may help control hair breakage.

    Another called bhringraj assists in tackling the premature greying of hair.

    The Ayurvedic herb Neem has been found to possess anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and may help with a sensitive scalp.

    To better understand the benefits of these herbs, the founder of Luxe Scalp Specialist travelled to India, the source of Ayurvedic herbs.

    After sourcing for and testing the herbs for use in scalp care, it was found that the herbs seemed to help hair issues.

    This was the push factor for opening Luxe Scalp Specialist, a home-grown scalp-care centre which specialises in the combination of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs to help solve hair and scalp problems.

    Chinese herbs that are used by Luxe include ginseng and danggui.

    Before setting up Luxe, the founder approached various hair-treatment centres in Singapore and realised that the majority do not provide scalp massages, which can aid blood circulation in the scalp and may facilitate hair growth.

    He managed to convince a scalp masseur to work with him to come up with a series of acupressure-massage steps for Luxe.

    Luxe Scalp Specialist is a trichologist-validated scalp centre. It has two outlets, one in Chinatown Point and the other in Tampines 1.

    For more information, call 6702-0777 or visit www.luxeherbal.com