Healthy yogurt on the go

IDEAL SNACK: Homemade yogurt with poached fruit is great, but for busy executives nothing beats F&N's range of Alive low-fat yogurt for its convenience.


    Oct 29, 2013

    Healthy yogurt on the go

    THE busy, go-getting executive is often constantly on the go, and may find it a challenge to find time for a nutritious breakfast before heading to the office.

    He may also find himself strapped for time during the work day, which may result in skipping lunch.

    Or maybe he is sick of unhealthy between-meal snacks of cookies and candy from the office pantry.

    If this sounds like you, just look to F&N's range of Alive low-fat yogurt.

    Yes, the yogurt, which comes in seven flavours - including Mixed Berry & Aloe Vera, and F&N Alive Low Fat Fruit-Chunk Yoghurt with Aloe Vera & Nata de Coco - is the ideal snack for the time-strapped and health- and weight-conscious.

    The added fruit in many of the flavours give that extra-healthful boost to the plain yogurt.

    Packed with probiotic cultures and "good bacteria", yogurt can help strengthen the immune system.

    Lactose-intolerant people should also note that yogurt is easier to digest than other dairy products, because of the culturing process.

    Yogurt is also rich in calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth.

    Each variant of F&N's Alive range has been specially formulated to complement healthy living without compromising on taste and convenience.

    Like the brand's many other products, the yogurt does not contain trans fat or cholesterol, so you can indulge guilt-free.

    It is also great for packing in junior's lunch box, or as an afternoon snack for children.

    Find the yogurt at leading supermarkets for $2.50 for a pack of two 135g portions.

    Another healthy option from the F&N Alive range is its nutritional snack bars, which are tasty as well as wholesome.

    They are available in four flavours - Energize (almond nut bar with chocolate and cereals), Renew (mixed-fruit nut bar with yogurt and cereals), Revive (wholegrain muesli bar with strawberry and yogurt) and Boost (wholegrain muesli bar with oats and chocolate).

    Get them from leading supermarkets at $5.95 for a box of six individually wrapped bars.

    In a word? Yum.