The healing properties of honey

GOLDEN NECTAR: A honeycomb of the bees that produce the manuka honey, which is said to reduce high cholesterol and ease gastrointestinal issues.
The healing properties of honey

HIGHLY PRIZED: Manuka honey takes its name from the manuka bush in New Zealand that is pollinated by bees.


    May 28, 2014

    The healing properties of honey

    THE possible health benefits of honey have been documented for centuries.

    In fact, even the ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle (384-322 BC) extolled the properties of the sweet liquid.

    In recent years, studies have shown that honey not only sweetens your food but it can also boost memory, kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria and even resolve scalp problems and dandruff.

    However, the catch is that you must buy the right kind of honey for the desired effect.

    Staff at Honeyworld, the only honey speciality store in Singapore, can help you choose the right type to suit your needs. Customers can expect personalised service in every store.

    "At Honeyworld, we focus not only on variety but also on quality," said a spokesman.

    "Quality is critical because honey is, after all, a food and, here at Honeyworld we are very concerned about food safety," she added.

    The company's honey and honey-related items are imported from around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Japan and Thailand.

    Honeyworld is one of the pioneers who brought manuka honey to Singapore.

    The prized honey got its name because it is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush.

    This honey is highly sought after because it is said to be able to reduce high cholesterol as well as ease gastrointestinal problems.

    Honeyworld can be found in eight locations in Singapore: JCube, One Raffles Place, Parkway Parade, Sembawang Shopping Centre, The Arcade, Thomson Plaza, United Square and Wisma Atria.

    Prices range from $18 for a 250g bottle of manuka honey to $295 for a 1kg Manuka UMF20+.

    For more information, visit www.honeyworld.sg or call 6873-5766