Have a Chinese feast at elegant eatery

CARAMELISED GOODNESS: The roast pork is one of Grand Mandarin's recommendations.
Have a Chinese feast at elegant eatery

CLASSY DECOR: The restaurant's city location also makes it ideal for corporate functions.


    Nov 27, 2014

    Have a Chinese feast at elegant eatery

    IT MAY be new, but the quality and variety of food Grand Mandarina serves makes it a serious contender on the Chinese restaurant scene.

    Having opened in May, it hopes to attract customers looking for sophisticated, high-quality food.

    Located just outside Outram Park MRT Station (Exit H), next to the Dorsett Hotel, the restaurant's city location makes it ideal for corporate functions. It seats 150 over two floors.

    Prices start from $58+ a person for a six-course meal from the set menu, while delicacies such as shark's fin and abalone will set you back by a few hundred dollars.

    The restaurant's unique dish is the empurau fish found in Malaysian waters.

    Highly sought after for its exceptional taste, it is known as wang bu liao in Chinese, which translates to "unforgettable".

    The empurau costs $88+ per 100g.

    Diners can see the fish in a glass tank inside the restaurant.

    In fact, it is so rare that Grand Mandarina has to order the fish in advance to bring it in, so reservations are highly recommended before heading down.

    Earlier this year, Malaysian newspaper The Star reported that Hong Kong tycoon Peter Lam specially flew to Kuala Lumpur in a private jet for a taste at a restaurant there.

    Grand Mandarina's roast pork with a glazed caramelised skin, is another of its recommendations, along with its black truffle roasted duck and dim sum dishes.

    The food presentation at the restaurant is also worth noting.

    An air of understated elegance is evident in the muted black furnishings and large paintings along the walls, creating a high-class dining atmosphere.

    The restaurant is at 325 New Bridge Road #01/02-00, S088760. It opens from 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10pm daily. For more information, call 6222-3355 or visit www.grandmandarina.com.sg