Hassle-free service, that's the HL way

DEDICATED STAFF: "In one's moment of need...claims service must be a hassle-free experience - which is what we strive to deliver to our customers," says Ms Lim, HL Assurance's claims manager.


    Oct 29, 2014

    Hassle-free service, that's the HL way

    FOR policyholders, the process of making a claim is the "moment of truth" on how an insurance company protects its customers, says HL Assurance claims manager Lim Wen Hwei.

    "In one's moment of need, when there's an accident or incident that occurs, claims service must be a hassle-free experience - which is what we strive to deliver to our customers."

    In line with that philosophy, HL Assurance prides itself on its dedicated call centre, which is not outsourced but staffed by committed employees.

    Each call-centre employee is equipped with the right skills and expertise - they have all attained general insurance certification - to advise customers on the various policies.

    According to HL Assurance, an average of 90 per cent of calls to the call centre are answered within 20 seconds, or fewer than three rings.

    It strives to provide "first-call resolution", which is satisfactorily answering a customer's inquiries within the first call.

    The call centre's customised technology system - accessible only by call-centre staff, thereby protecting customers' information - allows for policy confirmations to be sent via SMS and e-mail within minutes.

    HL Assurance also acts in line with the Personal Data Protection Act.

    Customers are given the option to opt in or out of being contacted in any way for future promotions.

    For travel insurance claims, which are the most common, Ms Tan said the claims process is generally quick, provided the supporting documents, such as receipts, are in order.

    These documents are required to substantiate a claim.

    According to HL Assurance project and administration manager Landa Lo, the company also takes a compassionate view towards its policyholders.

    For instance, in the industry, once policies are issued, refunds for cancellations are typically not allowed.

    "For us, we will look with empathy on a case-by-case basis," she explained.

    "It is our aim to assess the situation and help the customer as much as possible."