Go bright with Clearlab lenses

EYE, EYE: Coloured contact lenses make model Kana H stand out.
Go bright with Clearlab lenses

UNIQUE: Clearlab offers over 191 colours and designs for its lenses.


    Jun 25, 2013

    Go bright with Clearlab lenses

    COLOURED contact lenses have risen in popularity dramatically over the years.

    And no wonder, as they're an easy way to stand out.

    Although there are many players in the market, Clearlab's Clearcolor designs are a hit, thanks to the choices available.

    The company offers over 191 colours and designs, each providing a unique look.

    Channel actress Zooey Deschanel with the brand's Viewty Sky Blue lens, or be as striking as actress Emma Stone in Natural Green.

    The lens is also designed for ultimate comfort, and comes with patented Special Invert Padding (SIP) Technology. This means additional padding on the lens, which prevents surface protrusions.

    The lens features medical-grade dyes, and the SIP offers enhanced protection from any effects from the dyes.

    A common gripe among contact-lens users is dryness.

    Clearlab's trademarked Aquagrip technology helps keep the eyes moist and hydrated.

    With Clearlab contact lenses, one can expect long-lasting comfort, extended wearing time, enhanced ocular health, and ease of handling and fitting, according to the company.

    Those suffering from astigmatism will benefit, as the lens can help correct aberrations that cause the optical defect. The lens can also help improve the depth of focus for those suffering from low levels of astigmatism.

    Clearlab's lenses are even eco-friendly. The lens contains 80 per cent less plastic materials than most brands.

    Each Clearcolor box contains two sets of coloured contact lenses, with each set lasting a month.

    If coloured contact lenses are not for you, an alternative option is Clearlab's daily disposable clear lenses, Clear1-day, which cost $38 for a box of 30 sets and which feature all the benefits of the coloured lenses.

    Clear lenses that can be used for a month are also available at $35 a box. For more information and a list of retailers, visit www.clearlab.com.sg