Give your body shape a boost



    Nov 26, 2014

    Give your body shape a boost

    THERE is no shortage of beauty treatments and new technologies that claim to make you slim and help you shape up.

    Weight management centre Suddenly Slender is the first to bring to Asia, the Ionithermie Body Contouring (IBC) treatment system.

    IBC targets underlying fats on a cellular level using a combination of five active components delivered through an electrical stimulation process.

    Created by French biochemist Oliver Fouche in Paris, IBC was originally developed to treat arthritis, but was found to have other benefits.

    These include supporting the removal of waste products, emulsifying cellulite and stimulating metabolism.

    The treatment involves algae, to eliminate impurities, and a thermal aroma mask of healing clay, which helps accelerate blood circulation and relax muscles.

    To facilitate with the skin penetration of these ingredients, Iontophoresis, an electrical stimulation method, is used.

    The muscles are then stimulated with a low faradic current that tightens and stimulates them, aiding in the production of collagen.

    At the same time, cypress essential oil is used, which could help improve circulation and support the removal of waste products.

    IBC could also re-establish muscle tone for women after childbirth.

    A weight-loss programme should include regular exercise and a balanced diet.

    For more information, visit www.suddenlyslender.com.sg