Getting enough (back) support at work?

COMFORT: The Titan series offers comfort and good neck support.
Getting enough (back) support at work?

POSTURE: The ErgoMedic series helps with the realignment of posture.
Getting enough (back) support at work?

BACK SUPPORT: The AluMedic series works best for those with backache.


    Aug 27, 2014

    Getting enough (back) support at work?

    FOR many people, sitting has become second nature to the way we do things every day.

    We sit when we eat, when we drive, when we watch television, and even more so when we work at our desks for long stretches.

    But sitting for long periods, especially on rigid and stiff chairs, could come at a huge cost to our health.

    Sitting in a fixed position for prolonged periods can cause muscles to become static, and over time, may lead to serious back discomfort and a curved spine.

    In Singapore, the Government spends $3.5 billion a year on ergonomics-related health problems such as stiff necks, strained backs and numb wrists, according to statistics provided by the Workplace Safety and Health Council.

    To take the pressure off your bum, try taking short, regular breaks after every hour of sitting. This could involve walking around the office or doing simple stretching exercises at your desk.

    For those who cannot avoid sitting, make the best of it and opt for an orthopaedic chair to optimise your sitting position.

    Such chairs aim to align the user's spinal structure in the correct position, which minimises stress and strain on the spine.

    The best sitting position encourages the spine to be vertical and the upper legs horizontal, at an angle of slightly more than 90 degrees.

    German brand Wagner, for instance, has orthopaedic chairs that can better support your back using the patented Dondola seat hinge.

    Based on the gymnastic ball principle, its three-dimension mobility comes into play when you sit - moving left, right and centre - to keep the spine active even in an unchanged sitting posture.

    This, in turn, can help prevent discomfort in the back and neck.

    Besides providing support for the spinal column, Wagner orthopaedic chairs also enable constant movement, which helps to promote blood circulation in the legs.

    The chairs are available in three series - AluMedic, ErgoMedic and Titan. Each series caters to different needs, from back discomfort to the realignment of posture. They also provide comfort and good neck support.

    The Wagner chairs are available at Sidra Singapore, the sole representative and distributor for the brand.

    Sidra Singapore is located at West Coast Recreation Centre, 12 West Coast Walk, #02-05. For more information, visit www.sidra-sg.com or www.wagner-wellness.com, or call 6778-9921.