Get your weight under control

FIGHT THE FLAB: The Ionithermie Body Contouring treatment system by Suddenly Slender targets fat using a combination of five active components delivered via an electrical stimulation process.


    Jan 28, 2015

    Get your weight under control

    TWO words that might strike fear into the hearts of body-conscious people: stubborn flab.

    If you're one who has done the hard yards by cutting calories and upping your gym time, but find that the number on the bathroom scale just won't budge, you might not be at fault.

    Factors like age, stress, lack of sleep, pregnancy, menopause, medication and even food additives could affect your weight-loss goals.

    Beat the flab by limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption - especially before bed - and stick to low-fat sources of protein like chicken breast, fish and egg white.

    Weight management centre Suddenly Slender has programmes that apply a holistic and natural approach to weight loss and, more importantly, long-term weight control.

    Suddenly Slender's Miracle Slimming Body Wrap has been formulated with 175 all-natural minerals and nutrients, and helps to address unsightly bulges and cellulite.

    Suddenly Slender - which has been featured on Tyra Banks' and Ellen DeGeneres' talk shows - counts Britney Spears as one of its celebrity clients.

    Take it from Irene Hong, a 34-year-old finance manager who gained a lot of weight after childbirth, and experienced a drop in her confidence.

    Together with regular exercise and a balanced diet, she lost 22kg through Suddenly Slender's weight-loss programme. "The best thing is that the weight never came back," said Ms Hong.

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