Sep 24, 2014

    Get slimmer and stay that way

    MANY people who are weight-conscious know how hard it is to lose the extra kilograms and to maintain their ideal weight.

    Without knowing the proper way to sustain the results of weight-loss efforts, you risk regaining the weight you lost.

    With Suddenly Slender's Ultra Lite weight-loss and detox programme, it is now easier to maintain that ideal weight.

    Based on research by Harvard University, the programme adopts a holistic approach to natural weight loss and long-term weight control, together with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

    In addition to helping you shed the kilos, Ultra Lite equips you with the knowledge to regulate your weight by teaching you how to choose the the right food to eat and what constitutes a healthy portion size.

    The weight-loss and detox section of the programme helps to eliminate cravings and enable you to cut down on meal portions without starving yourself. For five weeks, you will attend one-on-one sessions with Suddenly Slender's professionally trained practitioners to get on the path towards a better lifestyle.

    Take it from Sam Ince, whose voracious eating habits 15 years ago caused her weight to skyrocket to 108kg.

    After joining Suddenly Slender's Ultra Lite programme, coupled with adequate exercise and a balanced-meal plan, she managed to lose 48kg in less than a year as she gradually lost the craving for high-carbohydrate fast food. Now, she weighs an ideal 59kg.

    According to Ms Ince, the Ultra Lite programme changed her diet for good, making her more energetic, confident and healthier.

    "Getting on this programme was exciting because it was educating me on portion size and how it was going to change the way I looked at food," she said.

    "Now that I can control what I eat, there's no problem. You don't feel restricted in any way."

    For more information, call 8175-5533 or visit www.suddenlyslender.com.sg