Sep 24, 2014

    Get set for a media career with TMC

    THE mass-communication programme offered at TMC Academy is geared towards producing people with the skills needed by the media industry.

    It has both theory and practical components.

    In theoretical courses, students write analytical essays, reviews and reports.

    In the practical courses, they learn how to make short videos, execute an online communication campaign, write feature articles and develop concepts for advertising and public relations.

    As I believe in lifelong learning, I make it a point to keep abreast of the latest teaching innovations, techniques and software to constantly improve the classroom experience for my students.

    Prior to joining TMC Academy, I produced many documentary videos, many of which were aired on national television in my home country, India.

    In addition, my research work gave me an opportunity to work closely with young people on developing their media-literacy skills and to understand their views on the media environment.

    Mass-communication students have good career prospects in the advertising industry, public relations, film and broadcasting, marketing and the newspaper business.

    In partnership with the Liverpool John Moores University, TMC Academy also offers a mass-communication top-up degree programme.

    Students who hold a TMC Higher Diploma in Mass Communication can earn a full BA (Hons) Mass Communication degree by completing a 15-week summer semester programme at Liverpool John Moores University's British campus.

    The writer is dean of the School of IT, Digital Media & Mass Communication at TMC Academy Singapore.