Get help for incontinence

DON'T KEEP QUIET: Many women suffer in silence as they see urinary incontinence as part of ageing. But incontinence can be cured, if the cause is identified and treated successfully.


    Jun 25, 2013

    Get help for incontinence

    DRINKING at least eight glasses of water and eating at least two servings of fruit and vegetables a day are basic to maintaining good health.

    Neglect them and there could be serious consequences, experts warn. One might develop urinary incontinence, for instance.

    According to a survey by the Asia Pacific Continence Advisory Board, 6.3 per cent of men and 10.6 per cent of women here suffer from incontinence.

    Many women see urinary incontinence as part of ageing. They may find it embarrassing to seek help, or are ignorant about where they can go for help.

    Many men feel that admitting to the problem is an admission of worthlessness and senility, and can experience a sense of shame.

    The most common causes of urine leak include:

    Stress urinary incontinence

    This refers to urine leak when the body is straining. Examples of straining include sneezing, laughing and, in some cases, standing.

    This is due to the pelvic floor muscles being too weak to keep the urethra closed in situations of stress or exertion.

    Urge incontinence

    This refers to the leakage of urine before one can get to a toilet.

    Mixed urinary incontinence

    This is a combination of stress urinary incontinence and urge urinary incontinence.

    Incontinence can be cured, if the cause is identified and treated successfully.

    Eat well to keep your bowels in working order. Your diet should contain food that is high in fibre (at least 30g to 60g a day), according to the Better Health website.

    Drink eight glasses of water a day as dehydration can cause bladder irritation.

    Regular physical activity helps to tone the pelvic floor, which is responsible for bladder and bowel control. Looking for products to help with incontinence? Get free samples and find product ranges from Tena at www.tena.com.sg