Nov 26, 2014

    Get eczema relief, the bubble way

    IF YOU have dry and itchy skin that results in flaking, you may have eczema.

    Eczema is a non-contagious and non-life-threatening skin condition that can affect both sexes and all age groups.

    According to the Singapore General Hospital, one out of five people in Singapore suffers from eczema.

    While there is no cure for it, there are ways to manage it, such as using a mild soap and moisturising often.

    Having a different type of showerhead may also help.

    The SEC Shower Converters by SEC Lifestyle use SEC's miraventurim technology to convert water into a concentrated stream of ultra-tiny air and oxygen bubbles that are five to 10 times smaller than skin pores.

    These tiny SEC bubbles could penetrate skin follicles to remove dead skin cells, bacteria and skin waste, and deliver more oxygen to keep skin hydrated.

    Studies have suggested that eczema sufferers have lower levels of anti-microbial, a chemical that protects against bacteria.

    The SEC bubbles emit ultrasonic waves that may eliminate bacteria that remain on the skin.

    Negative ions in the SEC bubbles could enhance skin health and recovery.

    The SEC Shower Converters come in two types: the SEC MOI Converter ($399), a showerhead that produces the tiny SEC bubbles; or the SEC Shower System ($1,999), designed to increase the amount of SEC bubbles.

    The SEC Shower System has been clinically tested to improve the skin barrier by the DermaPro Skin and Research Centre in South Korea.

    The study has shown a reduction in itchiness after two to four weeks of usage.

    SEC Lifestyle will be organising an open house on Saturday from 9am to 5pm at 1 Pemimpin Drive, #07-09, One Pemimpin, Singapore 576151. Call 6659-7890 to RSVP.

    For more information, visit www.seclifestyle.com.sg