Nov 26, 2014

    Get to the bottom of your body aches

    HAVE you ever popped painkillers to get rid of body aches and just gone on with your day?

    Too often, painkillers are used as a quick remedy to alleviate aches, with sufferers failing to give further thought to whether there might be a more serious condition behind that ache.

    A common misconception about using painkillers is that once the ache goes away, it means that you are completely fine.

    Painkillers only take away whatever ache you have temporarily. They do not necessarily cure any underlying condition that you may have which may not yet be apparent.

    For instance, spinal problems do not manifest themselves until after many years. By that point, the spine condition may have already deteriorated to a state that is harder to recover from.

    The Chiropractic Clinic provides specialist chiropractic services to treat spine problems.

    Chiropractic treatment may ease many long-term ailments such as ache in the lower back, slipped disc, and stiff neck and shoulders. It may even help to treat migraines and headaches.

    Visiting a chiropractor promptly when you feel any persistent ache in areas such as your back or neck can help detect potential problems early and allow you to seek treatment immediately.

    Furthermore, the chiropractic process is wholly natural, involving manipulating and massaging of the areas along the back to treat the problem.

    An appointment is required.

    The Chiropractic Clinic is located at 1 Fifth Avenue, #04-01, Guthrie House. For more information, call 6466-7020 or visit www.painfree.com.sg