Dec 12, 2014

    Get better rest with the right mattress

    A GOOD quality mattress can help to make bedtime more restful and comfortable.

    Mattresses which support and accommodate a person's movements during sleep are recommended over firm ones, which may cause backache.

    Having the right mattress and bedding products are as important as eating well and exercising to stay healthy.

    This is the philosophy that bedding retailer PostureCare Mattress Gallery believes in.

    The company carries international mattress brands such as Dunlopillo, Lotus, MaxCoil, Orthorest, Slumberland, Tempur and Vono.

    In addition to mattresses, it sells a range of bed frames and sofas.

    PostureCare believes in educating the customer on mattresses and how they can affect one's back and posture.

    Sales staff are trained to provide thorough advice and recommendations to meet customers' needs and preferences.

    Free consultation is provided to all, regardless of purchase, and customers can learn about the type of materials used in mattresses and how that can affect sleep.

    As part of its focus on customer service, those who visit PostureCare outlets can relax in a customer service lounge where they can watch videos, have a hot drink and test out mattresses in comfort.

    There are four outlets: in Changi North, Woodlands Close, MacPherson Road and Bukit Merah Central.

    PostureCare also has an online store selling a small selection of foam and spring mattresses.


    For more information, visit www.posturecare.com.sg