Fuss-free haircuts for fidgety tykes

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Don't fret, parents. Japanese hair-salon chain QB House has been offering a hair-cutting service specially for children, called QB House Kids, at VivoCity. Your little ones are kept occupied by iPads as they get their hair snipped.


    Aug 27, 2014

    Fuss-free haircuts for fidgety tykes

    FINDING a hairdresser who can get your child to sit still during a haircut may be unimaginable, but it's possible.

    Japanese hair-salon chain QB House has been offering a hair-cutting service specially for children at VivoCity since April.

    Called QB House Kids, it has iPads to keep children occupied as they are having their hair snipped.

    Parents can set aside their fears of having to wrestle their active children into a seat and getting them to stay on it, as the cartoons shown on the tablets are likely to do the trick.

    The VivoCity outlet has five cutting stations, three of which are slightly larger private booths to accommodate a seating area for parents.

    Parents can also get a haircut at the same time as their children.

    A haircut for a child costs $20 at a private booth. A normal haircut for both adults and children costs $12.

    The 350 sq ft outlet also has an area with toys, where children can play while they wait for their turn or their parents, who might be getting their hair snipped.

    The one-stop salon allows all family members to get a haircut, said area manager Elva Chung. "The environment that we provide for young kids is warm, secure and safe," she added.

    The hair-salon chain's presence in Singapore has grown substantially. Its first outlet here was set up in 2005 and it now has 30 branches.

    For a child, a haircut can be as big an ordeal as going to the dentist. The chain has these tips for parents.

    During a haircut, they should remain calm. Usually, parents are anxious about their children's first few haircuts. The children pick up on their parents' feelings and tend to amplify them.

    Try to avoid scheduling haircuts when your child is ill, tired or hungry, because he would be more impatient then.

    Also, do not force your child to have a haircut, especially if he is crying and screaming. It is best to postpone the haircut to another day when that happens.

    For more information, visit www.qbhouse.com