Feel good inside and out with detox

SMOOTH OPERATOR: Radio DJ Anna said her complexion improved after taking Avalon Aloe Multiple Detox.


    May 28, 2014

    Feel good inside and out with detox

    HAVING to juggle work, family and friends often means we have less time to stay in shape as we grow older.

    This is especially true if your work is as fast-paced and hectic as that of radio DJ Anna of UFM 100.3.

    "Over time, the hectic schedule took a toll on my body and I realised that my health started going downhill," she said.

    "Initially, it was my metabolism dropping. After that, I gradually realised I was experiencing irregular bowel movements."

    To make matters worse, as a DJ, Anna gets invited regularly to food-tasting events, making it even harder for her to slim down.

    Enter Avalon Aloe Multiple Detox, which has been in the market for 10 years and has been the No. 1-selling detox product in Singapore for a few years.

    Anna found that after taking the product she felt "cleaner and lighter inside and out".

    She said: "I take one to two capsules every night before I sleep and a visit to the toilet next morning is usually much smoother and easier than before.

    "It feels good to know that the accumulated waste in my body is being discharged."

    She added that her friends who tried the product found that their complexion had improved.

    "My friends find that their dark spots have lightened," she said. "I can also feel my complexion improving and my skin having a constant, healthy glow."

    Anna is a strong advocate of the product - which received the Good Manufacturing Practice Standard certification awarded by the Health Sciences Authority - because it has everything she looks for in a health-care product: It is natural, free of side effects and effective.

    "I am really happy that I have the opportunity to experience the efficacy of Avalon Aloe Multiple Detox," she said.

    "After trying it personally, the product has gained my trust and I am very satisfied and proud to be the newest spokesman."

    In conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale, from May 30 to June 30, a set of two regular-sized boxes of Avalon Aloe Multiple Detox, along with a smaller box, will be sold at $139 instead of $213.

    For more information, visit www.hibeau.com/aloemultiple.html or call 6515-9818