Feast like a king

Feast like a king

Feast like a king

Feast like a king

Feast like a king

Feast like a king



    Feb 05, 2015

    Feast like a king

    CHINESE New Year is a great time for family and friends to catch up and indulge in good food, with many eateries offering an array of dishes during the Spring Festival.

    Enjoy a steaming plate of sweet and sour grouper fish for $12 when you dine at Chieh Teochew Porridge, a traditional Teochew porridge and seafood restaurant in Joo Chiat.

    Other zi char dishes the restaurant offers include cold crab, mullet and croaker fish, steamed crayfish, steamed prawns, Teochew braised duck, Teochew steamed red grouper and prawn paste chicken.

    For those who prefer multiple-dish courses, try the signature Peking duck at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant.

    Reunion meal menus are available from Feb 18 and prices start from $878+.

    Seven- and nine-course meals for six to 10 people are available at Segar Village. Prices range from $188 to $388.

    Be spoilt for choice with the large variety of fresh seafood and zi char dishes available, such as Thai steamed tilapia, broccoli with scallop, crab meat shark's fin soup, Hong Kong steamed grouper, steamed prawns, Hong Kong steamed seabass, curry fish head and yusheng.

    Those who prefer to have dinner for two can try Wan He Lou restaurant's epicurean five-course set for two people.

    Priced at $98.80 per set, it is available from now until March 8.

    The set features its signature lobster porridge, seven-spice pork ribs, fruit salad with lobster claw and dessert.

    Don't forget yusheng and other tasty dishes you can buy back to enjoy too.

    For larger groups of six to 10 people, Wan He Lou also offers pencai or Big Bowl Feast, with whole abalones, fish maw, dried oysters, mushrooms and other ingredients, from $268.80 to $388.80.

    For those on a budget, House of Seafood is offering yusheng for just $9.80 (usual price: $28.80).

    The eatery also offers ready-to-eat vacuum-packed crab - just pop it in a microwave to heat up - for $52 a pack.

    Toss your way to wealth and health with Din Tai Fung's Prosperity Salmon Yusheng set (from $32.80), available at all its outlets from now until March 5.

    It includes Norwegian smoked salmon, Tianjin roasted chestnuts, slivers of fresh jellyfish, crispy yam, fresh pomelo pulp and white radish.

    Songshan pineapple cakes from Taiwan are also available for purchase at all Din Tai Fung outlets.

    They come in boxes of three pieces ($7.50) and 10 pieces ($23.80).