Enjoy cool comfort on an Englander mattress

COMFORTABLE: The Hotel Luxury model features a special coil system with super luxury latex.
Enjoy cool comfort on an Englander mattress

RELAXING: The E-gel mattress provides maximum support for the spine with a special air cool latex.


    Dec 12, 2014

    Enjoy cool comfort on an Englander mattress

    A GOOD night's sleep can do wonders for the body and mind.

    Having the right mattress will help you get more restful and comfortable sleep.

    American premium mattress manufacturer Englander has the mattresses you need.

    Its E-gel mattress collection is designed to provide a cool night of sleep.

    Each mattress in the collection is made from permanently bonded memory foam and solid gel cells.

    The solid gel cylinders in the mattress provide a more cooling feel and support, while the permanently bonded foam and gel cells help to reduce vibration and sound waves, as well as absorb shock.

    The coolness of the mattress acts to lower one's body temperature, aiding sleep.

    The nature of the foam allows the mattress to conform to one's size, shape and weight, thus providing better back support.

    The mattress is also anti-microbial, which helps to keep germs and mites away.

    Englander recommends these latest models for those interested in the E-gel collection: The Reverie Sea Breeze Plush Top, Reverie Land Breeze Luxury Plush and Reverie Mountain Breeze Super Pillow Top.

    Englander's other recommended range of mattresses is the Hotel collection, which is featured in hotels such as Peninsula Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Hilton, Club Quarters, Nine Zero, Sofitel and Soho Grand.

    With the Hotel range, you can have the same luxury and comfort of a hotel-room bed in your own home.

    The mattresses in the Hotel collection are two-sided and offer more comfort.

    They also last longer and are good value for money, as you can flip them over for a fresh sleeping surface.

    The Hotel mattress features a heavy-duty coil unit with a posturised design to provide extra support to all parts of the body.

    The steel-edge support also provides all-over sleeping comfort and support right on the edges of the bed.

    For a luxury sleeping experience, all you need are the Hotel Deluxe Plush Top, Hotel Harmony Luxury Super Pillow Top and Hotel Luxury - Handmade quilting cover.


    For more information, visit www.englander.com