Sep 24, 2014

    Eat right, wash well for better hair

    IT IS easy to neglect your hair amid hectic schedules. However, caring for your crowning glory can be as easy as eating right and getting enough sleep.

    Even if you are busy, following these simple and quick tips can help you to improve the condition of your hair.

    Start by washing your hair the right way. First, wet your hair thoroughly with warm water, which will help to open up the cuticles and remove the dirt built up in your hair.

    Lather shampoo from the roots of your hair to the ends, and massage your scalp gently with vertical strokes to help stimulate blood circulation.

    Finish by rinsing your hair with cold water, which closes the cuticles.

    For daily washing, try Luxe Daily Clarifying shampoo, which is gentle on the scalp and does not strip away the protective natural oil.

    Do a short scalp massage regularly in order to stimulate blood circulation, which has a relaxing effect.

    Massage your scalp for two minutes daily, using a natural bamboo bristle brush, when your hair is dry. Gently sweep from top to bottom, then left to right, and repeat. For enhanced effect, try Luxe Hair Fall rescue ampoules. Simply apply a few drops to your scalp before brushing your hair.

    As for your diet, eat food that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, walnuts, spinach and blueberries contain the protein, zinc and vitamins you need for attractive locks.

    Frequent use of styling products and high heat on your hair can weaken it and clog the pores of your scalp, causing excessive hair fall.

    Once a month, pamper yourself with a scalp treatment to deep cleanse and keep your hair healthy.

    Try Luxe Signature Anti-Hair Fall Herbal Scalp Treatment, which uses the essences of premium Chinese and ayurvedic herbs to nourish your scalp and improve hair appearance.

    According to some studies, hair problems are affecting younger people, with the most likely cause being the lack of sleep and stress.

    Get at least seven hours of sleep daily to allow your body to recover.

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