Dry, damaged hair? Repair it in 4 steps

NATURAL: This shampoo uses active wild-mango concentrate to hydrate hair cuticles.
Dry, damaged hair? Repair it in 4 steps

PREVENT BALDING: Keranove's hair-loss treatment contains Trichodyn, which stimulates, repairs and protects the scalp.


    Dec 17, 2013

    Dry, damaged hair? Repair it in 4 steps

    MEN and women have one thing in common: both want a full, lustrous head of hair.

    It is, after all, a sign of general good health and can go a long way in any social setting.

    Unfortunately, ambient conditions can take the shine out of one's hair, leaving it dry and damaged.

    Long exposure to the sun is said to break down the protein structure of hair, also drawing moisture from hair cells. This causes the outer layer of the hair's cuticles to roughen, resulting in drier, coarser and frizzier hair.

    Hair is also said to frizz under humid conditions due to the absorption of airborne moisture, which can cause a single hair to swell by as much as 16 per cent of its diameter.

    In humid and sunny Singapore, Keranove Laboratories' range of hair-care products - suitable for a variety of hair problems, including dry and damaged hair - could be the solution.

    Keranove has been around since 1966 and is said to be the second-best-known brand in the French hair-colour market.

    Its line of products contains natural active ingredients with plant extracts, is dermatologically tested and is free of paraben - a chemical used widely as a preservative by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

    It has a four-step solution for dry and damaged hair, using a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and mask. And it hydrates and repairs hair cuticles through the use of active wild-mango concentrate.

    The protein and lipids (molecules that contain hydrocarbons) within the wild-mango concentrate can detangle unruly hair, leaving it soft and supple.

    Suffering from hair loss? Keranove's hair-loss treatment contains Trichodyn - a combination of exotic wood, glutamic acid and sodium succinate. This will stimulate, repair and protect the scalp to keep hair loss at bay.

    Other hair conditions that Keranove's hair-care products can treat include coloured hair, dry or oily hair with dandruff, thinning hair and oily hair.

    The brand also carries its own range of ammonia-free hair dyes called Oleo Hair Colour. It is odour and paraben free.

    Get your Keranove hair-care products from $19.90 onwards and Oleo Hair Colour for $24.90 each at any Watsons store islandwide.