Drift off to better sleep on a waterbed

REST WELL: A six-drawer waterbed by Fantasy Waterbeds. Such beds are said to help people sleep better, and more.


    Dec 27, 2013

    Drift off to better sleep on a waterbed

    IF YOU share your bed with a partner, then you may know this all too well.

    Your partner tosses and turns, or gets out of bed to go to the bathroom, and you get roused from your peaceful slumber.

    Such interrupted sleep often defeats the purpose of sleeping in the first place, with many people often waking up tired.

    Enter the waterbed, an invention said to minimise the movement felt when your partner turns or gets out of bed.

    It also conforms to your body shape and minimises pressure felt around the joints and spine, allowing your muscles to relax.

    The waterbed first appeared in the United States in the early 19th century as a form of medical therapy.

    The modern version was invented in San Francisco in 1971, and became a popular consumer item in the US.

    As their name suggests, waterbeds are filled with water. They come in two main varieties: hard-sided beds, with a water-containing mattress in a wooden frame, and soft-sided beds that have the mattress within a foam frame.

    For paralysed or movement-impaired individuals, waterbeds can alleviate bedsores.

    It is also impossible for dirt to penetrate water mattresses, making them suitable for people with allergies.

    Those looking to sleep more comfortably could give Fantasy Waterbeds a try.

    The firm was founded in Singapore in 1983. Its beds can be tailored to fit each partner's preferred firmness. This is done without uncomfortable central dividers or partitions.

    Fantasy Waterbeds' line of Everest beds also features "antiware" technology, which eliminates up to 99 per cent of bed movements. The covers for Everest beds are fully machine washable, and no dry cleaning is required.

    Made of bamboo cotton yarn, the covers are most ideal for Singapore's tropical climate.

    The firm's beds provide total body support, and offer relief for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, backache, muscle ache or insomnia.

    Fantasy Waterbeds are also durable - many customers are said to have been using them for more than 20 years.


    For more information, visit www.fantasywaterbed.com