Jun 25, 2013

    Colour smarts

    Wearing coloured contacts is a fun way of changing your look.

    But the hardest part when buying these contacts is deciding what colour to get.

    Ultimately, there are several factors to consider. Are you out to make a statement, or do you want something more subtle? Does the colour work with your wardrobe and what you are most likely to wear?

    And, perhaps this is the most important question: Does the colour match your skin and hair?

    In general, warm colours - like light brown, hazel and green - work for those with warm skin undertones (yellow or gold), or those whose eyes are of a warm colour, such as brown.

    Blue, violet and plum work for those with skin of cool, or blue, undertones.

    For the most natural appearance, always assess how natural the lenses look on your eyes, and don't compromise on quality.

    Consult your optician before trying out a new product to assess if it's right for you.