Jun 25, 2013


    Common symptoms of incontinence include inability to get to the toilet in time, passing small amounts of urine many times a day, and needing to get out of bed frequently at night to pass urine.

    One may also feel a burning or stinging sensation when urinating.

    But what causes it? Here are a few factors:

    Prostate surgery can cause damage to the muscles or weaken them temporarily.

    Urinary-tract infections.

    Nerve damage or brain injury can sometimes block signals sent to the brain by the body when there is a need to urinate.

    Being overweight can put extra pressure on abdominal and pelvic muscles.

    Medication, like diuretic medication for circulatory illnesses, can increase the risk of incontinence.

    Diabetes can lead to slight urine leakage.

    Emotional distress can play a role when it comes to incontinence.