Brighten up your eyes with lifting gel

LIFT AND LIGHTEN: Audrey Christian's Push Up 5 To 10 Age Defying Eye Gel sells for $77 for a 15ml bottle.
Brighten up your eyes with lifting gel

HELP IS AT HAND: The eyes are often the first facial feature to be noticed. But they are commonly plagued by problems like eye bags. Products such as those from Audrey Christian can help fix the issue.


    Mar 18, 2014

    Brighten up your eyes with lifting gel

    THE eyes are the windows to the soul, it is said. And most times, they are the first facial feature people notice.

    To keep those peepers looking their sparkling best, do not take short-cuts when it comes to taking good care of them. There are plenty of skincare products on the market that help to get the job done.

    Look no further than Norwegian cosmoceutical brand Audrey Christian's Push Up 5 To 10 Age Defying Eye Gel, which combines natural ingredients with state-of-the-art biotechnology.

    It contains some of nature's best ingredients, such as pomegranate, orange flower oil, fermented soya and Kigelia africana (also known as the sausage tree), which is a plant that has firming properties.

    The eye gel also contains superoxide dismutase, which is a powerful antioxidant said to prevent ageing and wrinkles.

    The product, which retails at $77 for a 15ml bottle, helps to freshen up tired eyes by lifting the eyelids. It also reduces eye bags and removes dark rings and wrinkles around the eyes.

    Clinical trials conducted in Norway over a 12-week period found that participants showed more than 70 per cent improvement in their skin elasticity, and more than 82 per cent improvement in their collagen levels.

    According to Audrey Christian, results are visible within the first hour of application.

    Consumers in Singapore have been raving about the eye gel's effectiveness as well.

    For 23-year-old Aurelia Ang, her "stubborn dark rings" around the eyes became "visibly lighter after just one week of using the eye gel".

    She added: "The gel is cooling and pleasant. It freshens me up whenever I use it."

    Besides the eye gel, Audrey Christian also offers products for an all-round skincare solution in its Push Up range.

    This includes the Push Up 5 To 10 Age Defying Face Cream ($83 for a 30ml jar), which stimulates collagen production for younger-looking skin, as well as the Push Up Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream ($129 for a 150ml tube), which reduces stretch marks and lifts breasts.

    The brand's other offerings include its best-selling Venetrim Vein Reducing Cream ($79 for 150ml tube), which is a fix for varicose veins.

    Audrey Christian products are available at its online store at www.audreychristian.com, as well as selected Guardian outlets, SaSa and John Little stores.