Beat fatigue with fungi

STAY ACTIVE: Pure Cordyceps may help working mothers juggling career and family, busy executives and active seniors. Find out more about cordyceps at the Fullerton Hotel on Nov 8.


    Oct 29, 2014

    Beat fatigue with fungi

    NEED help to lessen fatigue and boost energy? Traditional Chinese medicine company Eu Yan Sang has launched Pure Cordyceps, which could be just what you need.

    The product may help improve stamina and the respiratory system, and supports the immune system.

    Pure Cordyceps is 99 per cent similar to rare wild cordyceps. It comes from cordyceps harvested in an optimum natural environment for the cultivation of the fungi, using advanced biotechnological processes to ensure purity, consistency and retention of its high bioactive compounds.

    It does not contain any animal products. Advanced biotechnological processes ensure it is suitable for consumption by vegetarians.

    Pure Cordyceps can help working mothers who need to juggle work and family, busy executives who put their career as their top priority, and seniors who need to interact with friends and grandchildren, and lead an active lifestyle.

    Eu Yan Sang will be organising a health talk, The Truth Behind Cordyceps, at the Fullerton Hotel on Nov 8.

    There will be a registration fee of $20 and participants will each receive a goodie bag worth $80. Refreshments will be provided.

    The talk will be in Mandarin and English. The Mandarin session will be from 9am to 12.30pm, while the session in English will be from 1.30pm to 5pm.

    For more information, call 1800-888-1879 or visit www.euyansang.com.sg/purecordyceps