Jun 25, 2013

    Be inspired!




    The jade tips and blunt fringe are a great solution to giving blonde hair an on-trend look without being too bold.


    "This look was inspired by the delicate colours used by Asian porcelain painters," said Ms Margaret Macdonald, global education manager for Clairol Professional.

    Must-have products: To achieve this look, get Clairol's Satin Anti-Frizz Serum ($12.84 for 40ml) which helps with frizz and adds shine.

    Also use Clairol's Sleek Smoother Conditioning Balm ($27.82 for 200ml), which is a cream conditioner that smooths and releases tangles and frizz.




    With origami-style crimping and a jade peak, Sophie's blunt cut is transformed into a textured updo for a night out.


    "The crimps and folds of origami and the traditional sumo bun inspired us to create this very original look," said Mr Bert Kietzerow, a stylist for Clairol Professional.

    Must-have products: This look is all about volume. Clairol's Volumation Heat Protection Lotion ($17.12 for 150ml) contains micropolymers, which help keep tresses bouncy and light. For hold, get Clairol's Lock Finishing Spray ($25.68 for 500ml), a nourishing hairspray that delivers lasting style retention and extra-strong hold.

    Clairol Professional products are available at salons.