Oct 29, 2013

    Be good to your hardworking liver

    THE liver, located in the upper-right of your abdomen, is one of the hardest-working organs in the human body.

    It is responsible for hundreds of functions and involved in almost every process happening in your body.

    These include helping the body process nutrients from our food - secreting bile to aid in the digestion of fatty foods, in particular - and remove toxins from the blood.

    It is also vital to metabolic functions, and is the main detoxifying organ in the body.

    Though we know treating our bodies well and keeping healthy should be a priority, we often neglect doing so, making lifestyle choices which prevent our internal organs from being in tip-top condition.

    The liver, for instance, can be damaged if you:

    • Eat lots of fatty food or drink lots of sugary drinks
    • Drink too much alcohol
    • Are overweight
    • Lack sleep or have insufficient time to rest and relax
    • Lack exercise
    • Smoke
    • Are overly stressed
    • Are taking long-term medication

    Phospholipids, a class of lipids, or fats, are the building blocks of liver-cell membranes.

    Essentiale, a nutritional supplement available at major pharmacies, contains essential phospholipids. These work by protecting liver cells and supporting the vital functions of the liver.

    They also help to optimise these functions, reduce oxidative stress and revitalise liver health - so your overworked liver is well taken care of.

    Essentiale can be purchased at all leading pharmacies.