Asian essence in these shampoos

CROWNING GLORY: The secret to luscious hair lies in a healthy scalp - and that's where the Asience range of shampoos comes in.


    Oct 29, 2013

    Asian essence in these shampoos

    BRITTLE hair that breaks easily, hair loss and dandruff. The list of common hair problems that may be keeping you from having a lush, shiny crowning glory is endless.

    In a 2010 episode of The Dr Oz Show, an American talkshow by popular cardiothoracic surgeon Mehmet Oz, the top three most-prevalent issues highlighted were dry hair, oily hair and split ends.

    These issues are very real, especially in a tropical climate like that of Singapore, where humidity can wreak havoc on your tresses.

    Now, there are a plethora of hair-care products on the market targeted at specific problems.

    But one must remember that the secret to a lush, shiny head of hair lies at its roots.

    Indeed, a healthy scalp can translate into luxurious locks - and that's where the Asience range of shampoos by beauty brand Kao comes in.

    Many have the misconception that using the same shampoo for too long causes the product to stop working, and hair starts to become limp, dry and lifeless.

    The truth is that dryness and lifelessness are caused by residue build-up left by shampoo. This build-up acts as a barrier, preventing hair from fully absorbing the nutrients in hair-care products.

    That's why Asience has tapped on the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, infusing its shampoos with Asian essences such as those of lotus flower, camellia oil, Korean ginseng and licorice.

    The latter, for instance, has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help treat dandruff and restore balance to the level of moisture in the scalp.

    These natural essences also boost blood circulation, enabling the hair and scalp to better absorb nutrients from the products.

    So if you still think that shiny and luscious hair belongs only to celebrities who have all the time and money to pamper their tresses, think again.

    You can also have enviable locks - only if you know where to look.

    Asience products are available from all Watsons and Guardian outlets, as well as leading supermarkets and hypermarkets islandwide.