Are you up to the mass-media challenge?

BE SAVVY: Mr Rao, a lecturer at TMC Academy, ensures that he is up to date with the latest advances in the industry.


    Aug 25, 2014

    Are you up to the mass-media challenge?

    IN TODAY'S information age, when viewers are constantly exposed to various content, being able to discern the credibility of information provided by the media has become increasingly important.

    For students, getting a media and communications degree would equip them for such challenges, said Aaron Rao, lecturer at the department of IT, Digital Media and Mass Communication at TMC Academy.

    TMC Academy offers a Diploma and High Diploma in Mass Communication. It also offers an optional top-up Degree in Mass Communication in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University in Britain.

    Such a degree would equip students to be critical and comprehensive in their understanding of how the media works, Mr Rao added. They would also learn about what goes in a movie, television programme or publication.

    TMC Academy's mass communication programme takes a hands-on approach to digital technology which comprises broad topics such as film & TV production and magazine publication.

    To facilitate this, the private institution has a studio for practical lessons, with equipment such as professional high-definition cameras and editing machines.

    Students are also exposed to advertising and public relations, where one can learn about designing and writing effective advertisements to planning a corporate campaign.

    Beyond the programme, Mr Rao said that the TMC Academy is a place that has a "family-like environment".

    "Passing your exams is one thing," he said.

    "I always want to ensure that students have an avenue to express their concerns pertaining to academic or career matters to ensure they stay on the path to success."

    Lecturers like him continually take part in training, research, and academic and technology conferences to ensure that they stay up to date with the latest advances in the industry, he added.