Achieve wellness, with minimum fuss

STAY WELL: From nutrition to making sure one's dental needs are met, wellness in all forms needs to be a priority.


    Jun 25, 2013

    Achieve wellness, with minimum fuss

    IF ANYONE were to ask if you wanted to achieve total wellness, the answer would definitely be "yes".

    But, one would argue, the rat race makes it a near-impossible task. We juggle endless tasks and maintain busy schedules. It's easy, living that life, to make unhealthy choices or acquire bad habits.

    Yet we know that from nutrition to making sure one's dental needs are met, wellness in all forms needs to be a priority.

    Which is why we've decided to bring you this guide on products and services that will help you get in tip-top shape, with minimum fuss.

    There are plenty of over-the-counter and self-care products that can help you live a better, healthier and longer life, so we've got you covered there.

    But the modern man and woman is also aware that wellness goes beyond just the physical.

    The idea of wellness extends to making sure our actions impact others in a positive manner. This starts with ourselves.

    A big part of living a better life means learning how to relax, since stress detracts from the experience of wellness.

    Relaxation can be accomplished through various means, including unhealthy avenues.

    The aim for each of us is to attempt to incorporate healthier habits by replacing any unhealthy ways of coping.

    It may take some practice. It may even feel uncomfortable at first.

    But it does get easier.

    Stress management actually means understanding your stress triggers, and putting exercises in place before the frustration or anger builds up.

    Practise being mindful of yourself and what sets you off, and then act before it all gets to be too much.

    Relaxation practices can be restorative, since they work to decrease the cumulative effects of stress. In the long run, this practice will help increase a sense of peace, calm, and perspective in your life.