Accounting is more than numbers

ALL-ROUNDER: Accounting is not just about crunching numbers, says Mr Rhys Johnson, vice-president of Kaplan Financial. Other skills, such as communication and time management, are also vital.


    Oct 16, 2013

    Accounting is more than numbers

    Written by Gwendolyn Ng

    A SUCCESSFUL career in accounting and finance is not just about crunching numbers with finesse.

    Just ask Mr Rhys Johnson, vice-president of Kaplan Financial, a private-education institution which has been providing accounting and financial qualifications for the past 15 years in Singapore.

    Mr Johnson believes that financial education "is more than just studying for your exams and balancing tables".

    Picking up valuable skill sets, such as communication and time management, will give students "the upper edge in the workforce", he said.

    For instance, the preparatory course by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) gives students the chance to delve into useful topics like interpersonal skills and motivation.

    ACCA is the global body for professional accountants.

    And Kaplan Financial has the solid grounding to deliver the know-how for industry professionals, from accountants to financial analysts.

    For one thing, Kaplan Financial is one of two private-education institutions in Singapore to be awarded the Platinum Approved Partner award by ACCA.

    This is the highest level of recognition given by ACCA to its tuition providers that have met a certain standard, such as having excellent test pass rates and facilities for students.

    Many of Kaplan Financial's graduates have gone on to work at top-tier accounting firms, such as the industry's Big Four: Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG.

    Kaplan Financial is part of Kaplan Singapore, voted the Most Preferred Private Education Institution for a Professional Certification/Personal Development Courses/Corporate Workshops for three years running since 2010, according to surveys by online portal JobsCentral.

    Besides providing established qualification programmes such as the ACCA's, Kaplan Financial also offers the latest in the industry.

    Earlier this year, the institution was appointed to provide the new mandatory post-graduate programme for certified accountants: the Singapore Qualification Programme (Singapore QP).

    The Singapore QP, which also allows non-accountancy graduates to enter the profession, was introduced by the Singapore Accountancy Commission.

    A huge part of the school's proven track record can be credited to its team of more than 20 lecturers with real-world experience, a "priceless" attribute in the classroom.

    Mr Johnson said: "Being able to provide real-life scenarios will give students a better insight into current issues faced (by financial professionals in the workplace)."

    Each lecturer is an "expert in his or her particular field", said Mr Johnson, adding that the teaching staff's expertise spans a wide spectrum, from corporate governance to business and management subjects.

    Beyond serving up world-class teaching, the school believes in providing "opportunity for every student who walks through our doors", he added.

    For instance, Kaplan Financial has partnered many accounting firms to provide various scholarships and internships for its students.

    "This will help them move one step closer towards getting their dream job," said Mr Johnson.

    For more information on Kaplan Financial, visit www.kaplan.com.sg/kli