5-star Phuket hotel welcomes investors

IN GOOD COMPANY: The luxury hotel on popular Bangtao Beach is in a prime tourist spot.


    Nov 14, 2014

    5-star Phuket hotel welcomes investors





    Castlewood Group

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    Investments start from $35,000

    BILLIONAIRE real-estate mogul Donald Trump and Virgin Group chief executive Richard Branson have both done it.

    Invest in hotels, that is.

    Now, you can too.

    The Castlewood Group's hotel buy-to-lease investment scheme allows customers to deal directly with the company and skip agent commission fees, tenancy issues and maintenance costs associated with a residential or commercial investment.

    The Singapore-based commercial real-estate developer is developing a flagship luxury five-star hotel that will open next year on the lavish Bantao Beach in Phuket, a strip lined with luxury resorts and villas.

    The starting investment sum of $35,000 lets investors purchase leases in the hotel, with the leases being the equivalent of room nights.

    Once bought, clients lease back the room nights to Castlewood at a pre-agreed rate and the hotel will take care of the daily management and operations. Investors do not have to pay additional costs.

    Returns can be received at a fixed or variable rate, paid out annually.

    The variable rate allows for higher returns based on factors affecting the occupancy rate, such as peak travel season.

    Castlewood has agreed with CBRE Thailand to sell the hotel in 2020, but investors can withdraw from 2016 onwards.

    Investors can make a sponsored trip to the hotel in Phuket and stay in one of the 23 luxury villas reserved exclusively for stakeholders before committing.

    Castlewood has offices in Britain and Dubai, and it hopes to attract more Singaporeans with its move to set up its global headquarters in Singapore. The company has plans for five more hotels in Asia.

    For more information, call 8297-3198 or visit www.cwd.com.sg