Jul 04, 2013

    Why I let fans into my private life

    Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz has been making waves across the Causeway since he moved to Malaysia seven years ago to establish his career there, but the 37-year-old hasn't been forgotten here.

    The award-winning actor beat home-grown actress Fann Wong to become the Most Popular Actor on social media at the Social Star Awards in May.

    My Paper speaks to the actor-turned-director on his future plans and his relationship with fans.

    Did it ever occur to you that you'd become such a big star?

    Definitely not. It just came to one point in time (while I was in the service line) when I wanted to do something different. I entered the modelling world and somebody from this agency wanted to sponsor some acting classes by actor Lim Yu Beng. So I signed up.

    A lot of celebrities are not open about their personal and family lives, unlike how you are on social media. Why is it that you are so open?

    I'm letting my fans into my private life. I think that gives them a sense of privilege, especially when attending an event.

    I just went to my fan club's second anniversary. Almost 200 fans were there. I took my kids along with me, and some of them really enjoyed being with my children, and my kids also enjoyed talking to them.

    My fans and I are more like friends. It becomes more personal. I don't have that barrier that divides us. I guess that's what makes me more approachable.

    If you hadn't become an actor, what would you have been?

    Probably still selling ice cream (laughs). Being involved in the service line has helped me blend in with the public. That is one of the indirect training sessions which I had.

    Your future plans include regional English productions. What other plans do you have?

    One of my ambitions is to work something out in Hollywood. I was in Los Angeles recently. I'm the ambassador for energy drink Drive and they have an office in LA, and I've started meeting contacts through them. I'm trying to push my limits and see how far I can go.


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