We have a wild imagination and do crazy things

SUPERBIRD: Ayam Man is a short film about a chicken that is actually a superhero.


    Aug 01, 2013

    We have a wild imagination and do crazy things

    Ayam Man, a short film about a supermarket-packed chicken that is actually a superhero, has won the best-motion-picture award at this year's Cathay Motion Picture Awards on July 18.

    The team behind the 78-second film, which comprises director Randy Ang, film editor Mike Chew, producers Mavis Kuang and Adam Tun-Aung, spoke to My Paper about what inspired the superhero theme and their filming process.

    Why was the film inspired by superheroes?

    The team wanted to do something different for a change. It was also just after Iron Man 3 came out in cinemas and before Man Of Steel came out, so we drew the parody from there.

    How long did it take to come up with the idea and then shoot it?

    Pretty quickly actually, within a few hours.

    The idea was quite simple and infectious. It began to have a life of its own.

    We spent more time making the costumes and the props than actually shooting.

    What message was the team trying to send?

    I don't think we thought so far as to have a message or a moral to the tale.

    We are just a group of friends who got together and wanted to have some fun during the weekend.

    People should really just let their imagination run wild and do crazy, stupid things - especially with people they care about.

    Were there any challenges?

    Supermarket-packed chickens, even when put under ice, do not last very long. On the second day, they started to smell.

    We had to boil the eggs before attempting to glue hair and eyes on the shells. It's messy (work) if not handled properly.

    How many chickens were used?

    Three white ones and three black ones.

    Can you tell us more about the filming process?

    Two of us had to hold the chicken, another had to pull the strings and the last person would set up the camera and lights.

    It was an extremely do-it-yourself process; it was literally shot in a living room with whatever we had.

    We had Mike set up his editing system while we were shooting, then lay out a soundtrack for 78 seconds and edit as we shot the film.

    This made it a really quick process. We didn't overshoot and we knew exactly what we had. After that, we found out that Adam could make funny clucking sounds and so we did voice-overs.

    What does winning the award for best motion picture mean to all of you?

    It means that audiences are ready to accept ideas from film-makers that go beyond the norm. We should not be afraid to challenge ourselves with stories that are "un-produceable".

    We are very happy that we have created entertainment and are accepted. As they say, "geeks will rule the world".


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