Tien Hsin raves about Chris Lee

MR RIGHT: Taiwanese actress Tien Hsin finds her co-star, Singaporean actor Christopher Lee, the "perfect guy".


    Nov 21, 2013

    Tien Hsin raves about Chris Lee

    The Straits Times

    SINGAPORE men are hot property now. Hong Kong-based actress-director Charlie Young just married her long-time beau, Khoo Shao Tze. Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu has staked her claim to one as well, businessman Sean Lee.

    And Taiwanese actress-host Tien Hsin, 38, is gushing about yet another over the telephone from Taipei.

    She tells the Singapore media: "He is the epitome of the mature man. He's really nice, is good-looking, has a nice body. He's the perfect guy."

    The man she is gushing about is Singaporean actor Christopher Lee, who stars as her husband in the infidelity drama A Good Wife.

    She adds: "When I saw him cry in the show, I felt like hitting myself. Such an attractive husband, how could I bear to leave him?"

    The actress, whose real name is Wu Tien-hsin but goes by the stage name of Tien Hsin, even calls Lee "Ashunzai", a term of endearment.

    But there is absolutely no question of her falling for him - she knows he is spoken for.

    "The thought never even crossed my mind. Things that belong to anyone else, don't even think about it. I really admire him, but I won't have any other strange, wicked thoughts about him."

    Indeed, part of what impressed her was how sweet Lee, 42, is towards his wife, actress Fann Wong.

    She once saw him talking on the phone with Wong in a lobby and wondered why he did not just go up to his room. He later explained that if he had gone into the lift, the signal would have been cut off.

    "Just look at that, goodness, how considerate is that?" she adds.

    Tien Hsin - who won the Golden Bell Award for Best Actress in 2011 for her role as a plastic surgeon who falls for a fat man she makes over in Who's The One - gets to lock lips with Lee in the drama.

    She says of the scene: "It was very comfortable working with him because he's such a professional, so the kissing scene was fine.

    "The only thing I was worried about was whether he could carry me for this one scene, as I'm 50kg and the corridor was pretty long."

    She herself is still searching for her other half. While she was photographed recently having a meal with her former boyfriend, a Frenchman known as Patrick, she denies that they are back together.

    "We're like family and, of course, you can be friends after breaking up."

    While she looks forward to finding her other half, she does not want to end up with someone for the sake of doing so.

    The fact that female stars seem to be in the marrying mood these days adds no pressure on her, she says. "I'm just envious of them and wish them all the best and wonder when it'll be my turn to be blissfully content."

    She remains hopeful and muses that even failed relationships have taught her things.

    "While men like women to be independent, I'm too independent and just do everything on my own. I've learnt to throw a tantrum now and then and also let the men have a chance to do something for me."

    A Good Wife airs on E City (StarHub Ch 111 and 825) from Tuesdays to Thursdays at 10pm.