Tai-tai wannabes  rake in the laughs

HIGH-SOCIETY HIGH JINKS: Nikki Muller's character (third from right) grooms five tai-tai wannabes in High Class.


    Jul 08, 2013

    Tai-tai wannabes rake in the laughs


    High Class


    Drama Centre Theatre




    Last Friday

    CREATING unusual but memorable characters is playwright Michael Chiang's forte and, after a 14-year hiatus, he hasn't lost his touch.

    In fact, his strength in giving his characters a recognisable "template" is apparent in his latest production, High Class, which is showing at the Drama Centre Theatre till Sunday.

    Tai tai (socialite) Alexis (played by Nikki Muller) is the glitzy former trophy wife of tycoon Draycott (Andrew Lau), and creator of a reality-television show to groom five tai-tai wannabes. The fun begins when the motley crew get together.

    Tomboyish property agent Meng Yee (Serena Ho) and beauty queen Janin (Mina Kae) both proved to be amusing.

    However, it was the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner from Beijing, Ye Feng (Audrey Luo), who kept the audience enthralled with her offbeat comedic antics.

    Along with school teacher Azizah (Siti Khalijah Zainal), who had some of the wittiest lines among the cast, the two made for a dynamic duo.

    Jo Tan, who plays dengue-fighting National Environment Agency officer Sunita Pillay, managed to maintain a strong Indian accent throughout the show, despite having only 48 hours to learn all the lines.

    Director Beatrice Chia-Richmond revealed after the show that Tan had replaced actress Elizabeth Lazan - who was ironically down with dengue fever - at the last minute.

    When it comes to singing, Muller was probably the only one who stood out from the rest.

    But overall, High Class is an entertaining and comedic effort from a talented playwright and cast.

    High Class is showing at the Drama Centre Theatre till Sunday. Tickets are priced from $42 and are available at Sistic. Visit