Sep 27, 2013

    S'pore fans always shock us with their response

    American rock band The Fray will be performing tonight at the Guinness Arthur's Day event to celebrate the anniversary of the Irish brewing company.

    It will see the band, which broke out in 2005 with debut album How To Save A Life, perform some tunes from their upcoming album for the first time.

    My Paper catches up with guitarist and co-founder Joe King, 33, to talk about the band's success.


    The Fray have played here a few times. What do you remember about your time in Singapore?

    Every time we play in Singapore, we're shocked at the fans' overall response. They don't just know our singles, they also know our entire records. So, playing shows in Singapore is a beautiful experience.

    Singapore fans are just very core music fans, and I love it.


    Can you share more about the new album?

    There are definitely similarities (with our older records). But there are other elements.

    (British producer) Stuart Price, who produced the record, has added sounds to our (music). In that sense, it deepened our original sound, or influenced or redirected it a bit, to (make it) a newer, more modern sound.

    We're mixing it now, and the record will probably be out in January or February. I think the songs are some of the best we've written.


    The Fray were catapulted to international success when the song How To Save A Life was featured on television drama Grey's Anatomy. How did that feel?

    I'd heard that usually your big break comes out of left field. And that was a left-field experience for us, because it wasn't what anybody predicted or what we were planning on happening.

    We were on the map and building (our reputation) and, when that song was aired all over TV, it just went astronomical.

    I remember the moment that I heard it on the promo piece for (Grey's Anatomy), and I thought: "Oh my God, that's my song. And it's on TV."

    I just didn't expect it, it just blew up.


    You guys are playing tonight for Guinness' Arthur's Day celebration. Who holds their booze the best?

    I will just say this: Who holds it the worst, and is a lightweight, is Isaac (Slade, the band's frontman), for sure. If that guy has like, half a Guinness, he won't be able to play a show. It's unbelievable.