Oct 25, 2013

    So much more fun when best friends DJ together

    Australia's hottest DJ duo, Milly Gattegno and Suhana Lye of The Faders, have been bringing the party to clubs, worldwide festivals and industry events across Australia and beyond for the past five years.

    Now, the 28-year-old public relations managers will be spinning at a charity gala, Premier Racing Goes Halloween, today at The Marquee at the Singapore Turf Club.

    How did you girls know each other?

    We met when we were working at MTV five years ago. Back then, indie music was really popular and we bonded over the fact that we had exactly the same taste in hip-hop and R&B music.

    How did you start DJ-ing together?

    A friend was putting on a night where he was getting people in the music industry to DJ together and asked us to be involved.

    We'd never DJ-ed before or even touched DJ decks so it was the first time for us... From there, we got booked for Sydney Fashion Week, then got a weekly club residency and then things just escalated.

    Many DJs are solo artists. Why do you DJ as a duo?

    We wouldn't have it any other way. We play so many gigs all over Australia and the world and touring by yourself would get really lonely.

    We are best friends, so getting to do this together is such an amazing opportunity and so much more fun.

    Your music style has been described as the "ultimate party set". Is there a specific genre you enjoy spinning?

    Our favourite music would have to be hip-hop and R&B.

    Our music style in terms of our DJ sets has definitely evolved over the years and we've become a lot more experimental. We still love playing R&B and hip-hop, but we'll also mix in trap, electronic dance music, Top 40s and some classic oldies.

    What can revellers expect from the party here?

    We love a good party and we have lots of energy when we play because we want everyone to have as much fun as we are having.

    We like our sets to feel like a house party - so expect lots of classic R&B and hip-hop classics, along with some Top 40 favourites, oldies and all-round party jams.


    Catch The Faders at Premier Racing Goes Halloween at The Marquee at the Singapore Turf Club today, from 6.30pm till late. Admission costs $200.