Shrinks solve bloodier crimes in this sequel

MIND GAMES: Yoyo Mung (left) and Alex Fong (centre) play psychiatrists Lois and Ko Lap-yan, respectively, in the sequel to A Great Way To Care. Here, they talk to psychologist Lin Chi-sum (Ram Chiang).


    Jun 25, 2013

    Shrinks solve bloodier crimes in this sequel


    Weekdays, 9pm

    VV Drama (StarHub Ch 855)

    Rating: 3/5

    CRIMINALS, psychiatrists and the mentally ill.

    Take your typical criminal-investigation series, mix in some forensic psychiatrists who help solve cases, and what do you get? A bloodier sequel to TVB series A Great Way To Care.

    In the first episode, which premiered last night, audiences are thrown straight into a case involving a rapist pretending to be insane.

    Then, lead actor Alex Fong, who plays senior psychiatrist Ko Lap-yan, almost spirals into depression over the death of his fiancee, Mandy Mok, played by Kate Tsui, who makes a guest appearance before being quickly "killed off".

    After that, it's murder after murder.

    But, before the audiences are turned off by the morbidity and the touchy topic of the insane, in comes the buck-toothed and earnest psychiatrist Leung Kai-wing (played by Edwin Siu), who makes a reappearance in this sequel.

    His geeky disposition and his overbite make him a hilarious and interesting character to follow.

    Starring opposite the suave Fong is Yoyo Mung, who plays Lois, a hard-headed psychiatrist who leads a team of doctors at Bo An Hospital, where she, along with Dr Ko, help to solve cases via psychological analysis.

    Sounds familiar? Think American television series Lie To Me and you'll get the idea.

    Without comparing this 25-parter to its predecessor, I must say that it's an enjoyable watch.

    For one thing, the characters put on a good show, especially Ko, who loses his grim demeanour whenever he banters with his pal, Leung.

    Every TVB drama has such comical, witty exchanges, and the duo provide a light touch to the otherwise darker side of the series.

    When it comes to acting, Aimee Chan, who plays psychologist Lai Yiu-chu, looks rather expressionless most of the time, even though there was sufficient room for her to perform during the heartwarming side plot of her relationship with her autistic brother, Yiu-sing (Otto Chan).

    The most interesting character is undercover cop Lam Chung-yan, who is played by Tavia Yeung.

    Watch out for her, because you'll get a surprise in later episodes.

    Sequels rarely live up to the original show but, at least for this series, it does not disappoint entirely.

    One thing that irks me, though, is that the official poster for this series is eerily similar to Salvador Dali's painting, Persistence Of Memory.

    There go points for creativity.