Sexiness and comedy at Super Jr show

SMART: Military jackets with gold brocade were just the first of several outfits that Super Junior wore at their concert here last Saturday. The highlight of the gig was the fun-loving nature of the boys.


    Jul 08, 2013

    Sexiness and comedy at Super Jr show

    ARTIST: Super Junior

    VENUE: Singapore Indoor Stadium

    ATTENDANCE: 7,000

    WHEN: Last Saturday

    COLOURFUL, explosive, energetic - being at this Super Junior concert felt very much like one was at a club.

    The band were missing leader Lee Teuk (real name Park Jeong Su), vocalist Yesung (real name Kim Jong Woon) and member Kim Hee Chul, as they are performing their mandatory Korean military service.

    But the group - made up of eight members from Super Junior and two from Super Junior-M, its Mandarin sub-group - put up a spectacular show.

    Judging by the loud shrieks, the audience - made up mainly of young girls - was clearly unaffected by the trio's absence.

    Kicking off the show at 6.20pm, the boys came onstage dressed in military jackets with gold brocade - the first of several outfits.

    Pyrotechnics flared, lasers swished, and the backdrop lit up with a series of bright, futuristic images.

    The lads broke into a series of spirited, fast-paced songs, such as Mr Simple and Super Girl, which saw them show off some nifty dance moves.

    But their dance routine seemed a little less tight and less in sync than in their music videos. The band said in a break between songs that this was because Donghae had hurt his fingers.

    Speaking in simple English and Korean, they urged fans to support him, as he was trying his best to keep up, even though his injuries "are quite severe".

    The cameras then showed Donghae tearing and asking fans to "please forgive me" for not giving his all. Aww.

    Between songs, fans were treated to video clips that showed the members leaping out of helicopters and engaging in fierce gunbattles.

    The highlight of the three-hour gig has got to be the fun-loving nature of the boys.

    In one segment, Choi Si Won, Kim Ryeo Wook, Kangin (real name Kim Young Woon) and Lee Sung Min performed a medley of songs from K-pop girl groups - in sexy dresses and flamboyant wigs.

    In another segment, they were in superhero outfits and making a fool of themselves.

    The show had equal parts comedy and intense sexiness. At one point, the boys - known for their chiselled bodies - came onstage in tight black tank tops.

    The lads' sincerity shone through in their eagerness to communicate how much they loved being here.

    One member even attempted to speak in Singlish: "Nice to meet you lah. Are you ready lah. I love you so much lah."

    These boys can do no wrong in the eyes of their fans. To a non-fan like me, they got plenty right too.