Quiet start to Keating's rock-pop-laden concert

WHERE'S THE NOISE? Ronan Keating, 36, remarked that his concert on Monday was one of the quietest gigs he has done.


    Jul 10, 2013

    Quiet start to Keating's rock-pop-laden concert


    Ronan Keating

    VENUE: The Star Performing Arts Centre




    Monday night

    THERE was a moment during Ronan Keating's concert on Monday night when he commented on how this was one of the quietest gigs he has done.

    Indeed, the audience's mood was skewed towards silent enjoyment - at least for the first half of the show.

    Perhaps it was the turnout, which was not a full house, or maybe it was the fact that it was a seated concert that inhibited the Irish singer's die-hard fans, who were out in full force.

    The 36-year-old balanced his newer songs, like the groovy Wasted Light, with older tunes, such as If Tomorrow Never Comes.

    Given his boy-band background (he is a member of Boyzone), Keating's gig was surprisingly filled with more rock-pop songs than the ballads he is known for.

    The singer opened the show with a particularly rock-fuelled version of the title track off his latest album, Fires.

    While he did not particularly engage the audience in banter, he did frequently broach the topic of how it has been 10 years since he last performed in Singapore.

    Keating also had a knack for theatrics, and would frequently drag his microphone stand around and interact with his band members.

    Thankfully, the second half of the show picked up much-needed steam, with many fans running to the front.

    While he received a muted reception at first, Keating managed to end the night on a high with fans singing along to his hits.