Jun 17, 2013

    One man to do it all

    There's one ring to rule them all, but there's also one man to perform it all - Canadian performer Charles Ross, 39, is in Singapore again, this time to perform his One Man Lord Of The Rings show.

    Similar to his award-winning One Man Star Wars show, the 75-minute performance has Ross acting out the entire Lord Of The Rings (LOTR) trilogy in a black get-up, sans props, and armed only with his spot-on character impersonations.

    Why did you choose to do a show on LOTR and not, perhaps, Harry Potter?

    Well, I'm actually hoping to do a Harry Potter show, but LOTR was very similar to One Man Star Wars, the other show that I do.

    The stories are told very similarly, they are structured in a very similar way, so I guess I was being a little unimaginative when I chose LOTR.

    Did you watch the LOTR movies 400 times, like you did for Star Wars?

    (Laughs) No, but I watched them a lot of times, probably, you know, 20 times each, four times what the average person should.

    How many characters are you playing?

    I think it's about 45 or 46 characters. That's specific characters.

    But there is a point when I'm playing all the approaching Uruk-hai and orcs as they make their way to Helms Deep. So I guess. in theory, I'm playing about 10,000 Uruk-hai at that point.

    I don't know specifically, but I play a couple of Uruks, I mean, two individual I don't know.

    You're compressing more than 12 hours of movie footage into a one-hour show. How would you summarise LOTR in one sentence?

    It would be the triumph of good over evil by a person who's least empowered outwardly to effect social change, who discovers an inner power to do so.

    What about The Hobbit? Would you consider doing a show on that?

    Absolutely. Absolutely.

    Yeah, and I'm also considering the new Star Wars films that haven't even been filmed yet. I would love to do them as well.



    One Man Lord Of The Rings will be showing from tomorrow to Sunday at the DBS Arts Centre. Tickets are priced at $65 and are available from Sistic at